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Most Products 50 SHADES Intense Bronzer - 13.5 oz. (Clearance)

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Black 50XXX Erotic Bronzing Experience with DHA Bronzers for longer lasting color. Silicone Emulsion for soft, Silky Skin and a moisturizing skin conditioning formula.

  • Moisturizing skin conditioners
  • Silicone emulsion for a silky smooth silhouette
  • DHA Bronzers for long lasting color
  • Black 50XXX erotic bronzers

Get in touch with your sexy side and dare to be wild. Apply Most Products 50 SHADES Intense Bronzer before you tanning session, and your skin will be plunged into the depths of dark, gorgeous color. The formula uses Black 50XXX Erotic Bronzers to encourage the development of melanin, leaving a higher concentration of pigment in your skin when your tanning session is complete. DHA bronzers work with the melanin enhancers, darkening your tan and helping to seal color in place so it lasts for days.

The Most Products 50 SHADES Intense Bronzer will leave your skin so smooth and soft, he'll want to go to lengths to get next to you. A silicone emulsion in the formula melts into the skin and leaves it conditioned. The emulsion also disguises skin imperfections and smooths the tissue, so you'll look fitter and more radiant. A blend of conditioners work with the silicone emulsion to restore lost moisture in the tissue and prevent peeling.

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Mandy fisher 31st Oct 2018

50 shades darker

Very good lotion that does not leave streaks . I love it.

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