ProSun RenuvaSkin L320 Residential 32 Lamp Tanning Bed

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The RenuvaSkin L320 is the perfect unit for salons looking to add the red light service. The space efficient unit is also economically priced to fit into any budget. The options are endless with packages and memberships that can be developed to get a quick ROI with this unit. The pearl white unit color and European design create a luxury feel when customers enter the room.

  • Canopy Lamps: 18 x 110 Watt XL Red Light
  • Bench Lamps: 14 x 100 Watt Red Light
  • Session Time: 15 Minutes
  • Measurements: 83”Lx35.5”W x 48”H
  • Recommended Room Size: 8 ft. x 7 ft.
  • Shipping Weight: 400 lbs.
  • Breaker: Single Phase-25 Amp
  • Buckbooster: Single Phase-1*0.5 Kva
  • TMAX Integrated: Yes
  • Adjustable Cooling: Yes
  • XL Lamps: Yes
  • Sound System w/ MyMP3: Optional


RenuvaSkin L320 Red Light Bed Maintenance

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity of your equipment and that your units are operating at their full potential. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule will maintain the high quality of your equipment and ensure your clients are having the best experience possible.

After Each Session:
Clean bench and canopy acrylics
Ensure click strip is firmly in place

Inspect acrylic for cracks, wear, or hazing

Clean and sanitize bed exterior using manufacturer approved cleaning solutions only. (Never use ammonia or bleach based cleaning solutions).

Inspect vent hoses for optimum ventilation
Clean all reflectors

Wipe and vacuum fans, vents and vent hoses

Remove and clean the inside of both canopy and bench acrylic sheets
Dust the lamps
Adjust shock tension (if needed)
Check combi set bolts for proper tightness
Check power cord and bench-to-canopy connector for tightness, wear, etc

Check voltage being supplied to bed to ensure it conforms with manufacturer’s guidelines


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