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ProTan MADE OF MAGIC Mythical Body Moisturizer 17oz

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If you don’t believe in magic, you’ll never find it. Made of Magic Mythical Body Moisturizer will not only condition your bronzed tan skin but leave you with a radiant glowing complexion. A unique blend of Blueberry and Lavender Extract,
plus Vitamin E Oil help nourish, soothe and calm skin while locking in needed moisture to keep you looking fabulous. Tattoo Colorshield Technology helps preserve and brighten your skin and any body ink from fading by providing intense hydration. We can all use a little magic to keep our tan from being tragic.

Features & Benefits:

  • Tyrosine and Carob Extract help enhance your tan for longer, lasting color.
  • Blueberry and Lavender Extract are rich in Antioxidants that help condition,revitalize and nurture skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.
  • ColorLock Tan Extenders help penetrate the skin with deep hydration to lock in moisture and prevent fading.
  • Tattoo ColorShield Technology combines essential Minerals, Aloe Vera and Algae to help maintain the color and vibrancy of tattoos.
  • Vitamins A, C and E
  • Shea Butter
  • Paraben Free
  • Odor Shield Technology
  • Fragrance: Majestic Breeze



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Jennifer 16th May 2019


This lotion is terrible. Marketing and packaging were on point, but that's about all. I am a fan of the Pro Tan line because its quite affordable with great results. This lotion however is bad bad bad. The smell is of cheap chemicals and plastic. I used one time and threw in the trash. Not all cheap products = cheap quality. But this one hits that mark.

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