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SUN Labs Dark Sunsation Instant Self Tanning Lotion - 32 oz.

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Escaping from the harmful effects of the sun and tanning beds doesn't mean having to live with lily-white skin. SUN Labs Dark Sunsation Instant Self Tanning Lotion gives you the gorgeous look of a sun-kissed tan without any UV exposure. For more than 28 years, SUN Labs has been a trusted name in sunless tanning, and the moment you apply this revolutionary sunless tanner, you'll see why.

The rapidly-absorbing formula quickly penetrates the skin, imparting it with DHA and other tanning stimulants. Available in a money-saving 32-ounce bottle, the tanner creates instant results for an immediate golden tone that will continuously deepen to the ultimate tan over 3 hours.

The SUN Labs Dark Sunsation Instant Self Tanning Lotion is the darkest of the formulas available from SUNLabs and ideal for those who love a dark brown to black finish. Perfect for both the face and body, the formula takes just minutes to apply and produces results that would take hours of tanning sessions or sun exposure to create.


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Satisfied Customer 29th Oct 2013

Medium Dark Complexion - African American

I use this product because I am African American, medium dark - Gabrielle Unions' complexion, but I suffer from Vitiligo, which are white spots in my skin. During the summer I am very self-conscious about the condition, because it is very prominent on my legs. Because my skin has yellow highlights, this product even out my skin tone, and blend the white spots so that they appear darker or as highlights. Now, I use it all the time because it gives you are healthy looking skin. I love it.

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