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SUN Labs Ultra Dark Instant Self Tanning Lotion - 32 oz.

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Have you been continuing with your indoor tanning sessions because you don't think it's possible to get the deep black results that you love from a bottle? If so, it's time for you to discover SUNLabs Ultra Dark Instant Self Tanning Lotion--the ultimate tanning solution for those who love the darkest tan imaginable. The formula contains a maximum dose of skin-darkening DHA, which will leave your skin looking as dark as the results possible from several tanning sessions.

Imagine having a picture perfect deep black tan in just 3 hours! That's just what you'll get with SUNLabs Ultra Dark Instant Self Tanning Lotion. Made bySUNLabs, a leading name in self-tanning, the formula is easy to use, even for sunless tanning beginners. The formula has a bronzer included to leave a golden glow on the skin wherever you've applied it, guaranteeing an even application with no missed spots. The lotion also dries quickly and won't stain your clothes, so it's perfect for tanning when on the go.
To apply: Smooth evenly over face and body. Color is instant and will intensify in 3 hours. To avoid discoloring palms wash hands with soap and water immediately after use or use application gloves.


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Tammy 24th Aug 2013


This tanning lotion is great! It does the job quickly and is lasting longer then expected. I will be purchasing this again.

28th Jun 2013

Amazing SunKiss Tan!

I was hesitant about buying a self tanner because of the typical complaints of heard ie. orange undertone, smell, streaks. I took the chance and decided to buy the Sun Labs products after a thorough review. I love it! It smells amazing and its really easy to put on. It dries very quickly so you dont have to wait a whole 20 min to dry. It takes about 5 min to dry completely, it a tropical blend smell and I couldn't be more happy with my tan. Best of all, you get the amazing tan without the skin damage from the sun!

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