Supre BESTIE Dark Tan Maximizer - 10 oz. (CLEARANCE)

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This Dark tanning companion prepares your skin for long lasting color while an antioxidant enriched BFF skincare blend leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth to the touch. 

  • Dark natural tan enhancers work together to prepare your skin for maximum results.
  • BFF blend of antioxidant enriched berries, fig and flax seed oil help nourish and hydrate skin
  • Fragrance: Forever Sweet

How do you choose which girl will be your bestie? You look for someone who you can count on, who helps you feel your best and who is the perfect complement to your personality. Choosing a bronzer to be your tanning best friend should be the same, and it can be with Supre BESTIE Dark Tan Maximizer. This formula features dark natural tan enhancers that you can rely on to assist with pigmentation and help you get as dark as possible. This formula is optimized to work with the natural tanning actions of the skin for results that always look flawless.

Like a best friend, Supre BESTIE Dark Tan Maximizer is there to support your skin while you tan. The formula features an exclusive BFF antioxidant blend made up of extracts of figs and berries and flax seed oil. The complex hydrates the skin tissue while protecting it from oxidative damage that can occur due to exposure to the UV of the tanning bed.


Reviews (3)

Courtney/swimuk9296 24th Dec 2016

Affordable Maximizer

I must admit, Supre lotions are not top on my list at the moment, and lotions with cheesy names and cheesy bottles are a turn off to me. I tried a packet of this lotion with low expectations. That said, I was seriously impressed. The lotion went on smooth and was super moisturizing. The scent was fresh and there was no-ATO. IF YOU NEED A SOLID AND TRUSTY MAXIMIZER AT A LOW PRICE POINT, THIS LOTION IS A CAN'T MISS!

Darlene 24th Apr 2015

No so impressed

I've tried this product and I'm happy to say at least I didn't spend much money on it. I didn't notice any difference after using it.

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