Supre SWEET & SEXY 40X BLACK BRONZER - 10.1 oz.

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Sweet & Sexy Miracle 40X Black Bronzer with a Miraculous Color Complex helps deliver the perfect amount of deep, dark, extraordinary color. Age Defying and Skin Firming Technology helps hydrate and smooth skin for a more youthful, toned and tightened appearance. Sexy Silicone Serum that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and surprisingly silky to the touch.

  • Age Defying Black Current Oil, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 combined with a potent vitamin infused Caffeine blend helps deliver a radiant youthful glow.
  • 40X Black Bronzer with Miraculous Color Complex™ helps prepare skin for immediate color that continues to dramatically darken after UV exposure for dynamic results.
  • WonderTightTM Skin firming blend with Hibiscus and Green Coffee Bean Extract helps smooth and energizes skin for a more toned appearance.
  • Sweet Enchanted Nectar Fragrance.

How much do you want to increase your skin's darkening power: a tiny bit or a whole lot? If you'd prefer to get the most bang from every tanning session, you want to truly take your skin's tanning capabilities to the next level, and Supre SWEET & SEXY 40X BLACK BRONZER is the formula to help you do it. Its supreme bronzing formula gives your skin 40 times as much ability to tan by assisting with the generation of melanin pigments. Also included in the bronzer is a Miraculous Color Complex that provides an initial splash of temporary color and long-acting bronzers that further darken the skin even after UV exposure.

Supre SWEET & SEXY 40X BLACK BRONZER helps to keep the skin looking youthful, sweet and sexy. Black currant oil is featured in the formula to repair the skin's moisture barrier with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Caffeine fights water retention and cellulite while the WonderTight combination of hibiscus and green coffee bean revitalize the tissue.


Reviews (3)

Kelly Corrigan 24th Sep 2019

Best ever

The Very best!!! No other words to describe!

Tosha 18th Jun 2019

My Fav

This has ALWAYS been my favorite lotion to use BY FAR out of every lotion I have tried including Black, Snooki, and JWOWW. You will definitely not go back to anything else once you have tried it!

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