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Swedish Beauty Botanica SHEA YOU LOVE ME Intensifer - 8.5 oz.

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Swedish Beauty Botanica SHEA YOU LOVE ME Moisture Intense Hypoallergenic Intensifer with BioBronze Blend - 8.5 oz.

  • Fragrance Free

The Swedish Beauty Botanica SHEA YOU LOVE ME Intensifer will quickly become the little tanning beauty secret that you love to treat your skin to every day. This formula is designed for daily use between your tanning sessions and helps to perfect your color while prolonging its life.

Part of the Botanica collection from Swedish Beauty, this unique skin care formula contains natural ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals, so it's gentle on the skin. Each time you apply the moisturizer, you'll treat your skin to the proprietary BioBronze blend. These natural melanin enhancers keep the pigment in your skin healthy to prevent fading and keep the tissue primed for tanning, giving you darker results with every session.

Because proper moisture is vital to maintaining your tan, the Swedish Beauty Botanica SHEA YOU LOVE ME Intensifer formula contains one of the richest natural emollients available on the market--creamy, vitamin-rich shea butter. Oatmeal and aloe vera are added to soothe the skin, while apple extract and vitamin A neutralize free radicals to keep the skin youthful.


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samantha Ulrich 20th Nov 2015


I went to my salon and saw that they were selling the Shea you love me for $60 bucks I mean are you kidding me that much of a mark up lol!!!!!!!! I love this lotion and will always shop on tanforless

Kelley 2nd Mar 2014

Shea You Love Me--Great for Sensitive Skin

After many expensive purchases of Shea You Love Me at the tanning salon, I decided to give Tanforless a try. First, Shea You Love Me is a superb lotion for tanning in addition to skin conditioning. I have terrible eczema as well as a skin condition called prurigo nodularis. This lotion does not irritate my sensitive skin, which do most lotions. Shea You Love Me leaves my skin soft, smooth, and moisturized without turning me orange or sizzling. Reasonable pricing!

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