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Swedish Beauty PINK DREAM Tanning Intensifier - 8.5 oz.

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Exotic Coconut and Argan intensifier brings peace and harmony to your skin. Three super moisturizers promote a glowing bronze perfect for any skin type.

  • P10 Playful Intensifier
  • Moroccan Argan Extract- Provides natural moisture needed to balance dry or oily skin
  • Coconut Fruit Juice- Delivers antioxidants to your skin and leaves a protective barrier, sealing your color for extended results
  • Firming and Toning Blend- Caffeine and Allantoin help tone the skin and work to stimulate tissue growth
  • Wanderlust fragrance - Apricot, Clementine, Cherry, Whipped Cream, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Dark Rum

Do you find yourself dreaming of darker skin but just can't seem to make those golden bronze dreams a reality? With Swedish Beauty PINK DREAM Tanning Intensifier, you can wake up your skin's tanning potential and finally get the results you've been craving. A true tanning dream control, the intensifier uses a P10 complex to amplify the effects of ultraviolet energy. This leads to the production of more melanin during each tanning session and a deeper darkening of your natural tan than what would be possible when tanning bare skin alone.

Swedish Beauty PINK DREAM Tanning Intensifier is enriched with an array of natural ingredients to make it a real dream for the health of the skin. Moroccan argan oil is added to the formula to help repair the skin's moisture barrier, leaving oily skin clarified and dry skin much better hydrated. Coconut juice offers antioxidant protection, diminishing the effects of the free radicals in UV that can prompt the development of wrinkles.


Reviews (3)

Linsey 15th Oct 2019


Absolutely love this! The smell is amazing! Definitely helps with getting a darker color!

Jennifer Mirabella 29th Apr 2017


I've been tanning for years, and the Swedish Beauty name never lets me down. I prefer intensifiers & maximizers - and this product is amazing!!

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