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Australian Gold Dark Tanning ACCELERATOR Lotion - 8.5 oz.

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Get your base tan the perfect dark shade in no time with the Australian Gold Dark Tanning ACCELERATOR Lotion. The formula contains a blend of exotic natural oils derived from plants and herbs found only in Australia. When applied to the skin, the formula gives the melanin-producing cells in the tissue a wakeup call, allowing them to start manufacturing pigment the moment UV exposure begins in the tanning bed.

The formula is so effective that it's the most widely sold indoor tanning lotion on the market!

The incredibly effective natural bronzing complex found in the Australian Gold Dark Tanning ACCELERATOR Lotion isn't the only reason for its massive popularity. While the formula turns up the volume on your tanning results, it also lessens the harmful impact of tanning on your skin. The product contains Australian Gold's Biosine complex and vitamins A and E, which limit cellular damage from UV.

In addition, the lotion gives the skin a burst of moisture, effectively preventing tanning-related dehydration and irritation.

  •  8.5 oz. bottle
  • With Native Australian oils and vitamins A and E, Dark Tanning Accelerator.
  • For indoor and outdoor tanning.

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Vera 2nd Mar 2017

Great Product

I have used this for many years and it works great and also smells awesome and will continue to use it-love it

20th Jan 2017

Aweome product!!!

I have used Australian Gold for years. With less time in the sun you get a beautiful tan ( compliments all the time) and it lasts longer! The lotion is not greasy and it smells great. I wear it year round because just being outside any time of year gets you some tannng from the sun. In a pinch I have tried other similar products ( accelerators) but they don't work the same, are greasy, and don't give me th same kind of tan. I love Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator!!!!

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