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Tanning Glossary

Lotion - Lotions are essential to the  overall tanning process because healthy skin tans better. Today's tanning  lotions are full of vitamins, botanicals, essential oils, and anti-oxidants,  which help restore depleted moisture to the skin.

Gel - For those  with oily skin, gel provides easy application because it is quick absorbing and  is primarily used for individuals with oily skin.

Spray - Tanning  product applied in a fine mist.

Oil - Oil is quick absorbing and  offers easy application. Tanning products with oil penetrate deep into the skin  and provide essential moisture, which helps amplify color.

Mousse - An aerosol foam that goes on with ease and dries quickly. 

Tingle - Products with tingle stimulate and increase  microcirculation of the skin for greater, more intense tanning results. Tingle  products are available in varying degrees of intensity and are recommended for  the advanced tanner only, and should not be applied to the face. John Abate's tingle factor is stated  on their products. Ultimate's Inferno is an example of an extreme tingle factor while Devoted Creation's Bleeding  Love Blush is on the lower end of the tingle intensity. 

Shimmer - Shimmer is a cosmetic enhancer, which accentuates your  tanning results with a radiant glow.

Hemp - Hemp Seed Oil is the  closest oil to the oil that the skin produces available on the market. This  multi-beneficial ingredient hydrates skin with a highly evolved balance of fatty  acids, amino acids, and vital nutrients. This also helps the skin for increased  translucency for UV penetration.

Bronzer - Bronzers can  supplement a tan in two ways. Either with a light self tanner (DHA) that  delivers additional color in 2-4 hours while a natural tan develops, and/or with   cosmetic bronzers that provide immediate color. Hot  Mess Ultra-Bronzing lotion contains DHA a sunless tanning ingredient that  compliments your tan 2-4 hours after your tanning session. Pure-fektion   Ultra Dark Bronzing Amplifier by Norvell not only contains DHA sunless   tanning ingredient but also a bronzer for instant gratification. 

Cooling - Cooling tanning lotions contain special skin cooling  ingredients that counteract the heat of a hot action product and the heat of a  tanning bed by drawing warmth away from the skin. John Abate's Platinum Zero and  Australian Gold's Iced  Crème Accelerator are two examples of a cooling tanning lotion.