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Helpful Sunless Application Tips

  • Exfoliate your skin (remove dead skin cells) before applying by using a sponge, salt scrub or sugar scrub. 

  • You may apply your sunless lotion with your hands, by wearing gloves or using the sponge applicator of your choice.
  • Apply a lighter layer of sunless lotion to knees, elbows and feet as these areas will “grab” the lotion more than other areas. You may also apply a moisturizer to these areas before applying your sunless lotion. 
  • When using sunless on the face, you might want to try a small area first. The face is a very sensitive area and could have a reaction to the product where it wouldn’t on the rest of your body, which isn’t as sensitive. sunless-application250.jpg
  • If you have used your hands to apply the lotion, wash hands with a bar of soap and a fingernail brush to prevent staining.
  • The bronzers added to some sunless products will give you an instant color, but is mainly used as a color guide to help apply the lotion evenly with little or no streaks. The bronzer should be showered off before wearing street clothing to prevent rub off on clothing. 
  • The best time to apply your sunless product is approximately 1 hour before going to bed. Wear dark clothing and any rub off on sheets will easily wash out in the laundry.
  • Moisturize often with your favorite body lotion to prolong the life of your tan.
  • Refrigerate product to lengthen shelf life.