Ultimate Power Shots Lotion Booster Hot Active Concentrate - .5 oz.

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  • Power Shots Lotion Booster Active Concentrate is for tanners who want to add a little "oomph" to their existing indoor tanning product. All you need is a little & you'll see A LOT of difference!
  • For indoor tanning only.
  • This is for experienced tanners who have an existing tan
  • Sensation and redness often occur on skin contact and during UV exposure.
  • Note : This product is made to be diluted in another indoor tanning product. It is too strong and not intended to be used directly on the skin.

Every experienced tanner eventually reaches a tanning plateau when the skin becomes saturated with melanin and the cells’ natural response to UV exposure decreases. If you simply can't seem to push your tan to the next level, you can give your color a boost with Ultimate Power Shots Lotion Booster Hot Active Concentrate.

Only for experienced tanners, the concentrate is designed to work with your current tanning lotion. By adding a few drops of the concentrate to your indoor tanning product before you apply it, you'll reap the benefits of the formula's intense tingle complex. When applied to the skin, the formula greatly increases blood flow to the skin and can reawaken the melanin-producing cells to get your skin back to darkening again.

The Ultimate Power Shots Lotion Booster Hot Active Concentrate causes a very hot feeling on the skin and is likely to cause redness. This flushing will diminish gradually in the hours following your tanning session and fade to reveal the colorof your darker, richer tan.


Reviews (4)

Jennifer Reichert 15th Feb 2017

Great Tingle to add to bronzer!!

Well worth the money, will buy again!!

Liz W. 30th Jul 2016

Great tingle booster!

My favorite way to use this is to add it to my current tingle lotion when I start to become "immune" to the lotion's tingle. It kinda of amps it up a bit to give me that good fiery tingle I like. I also add it to non-tingle lotions some days, just for something different. I wouldn't recommend this for beginners, but if you're feeling brave and want to try some tingle without having to buy a whole new bottle of lotion, add a drop of this to your current lotion (maybe in a little sample cup) and see how you like it. To me, this isn't the strongest tingle I've ever used, but adding it to lotions that already have tingle really gets the fire going haha! Will definitely buy again and again!

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