Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar ORIGINAL DARK BROWN SUGAR - 45 Bronzer Tingle Lotion - 13.5 oz.

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  • Light tingle and reddening effect
  • Skin firming, potent anti-oxidants and cell renewal

Who says you can't improve on a good thing? The skin care experts at Tan Inc. have taken their classic Brown Sugar tanning formula to a new level of effectiveness with the ORIGINAL DARK BROWN SUGAR 45 Bronzer Tingle Tanning Lotion. With each application, you impart 45 proven bronzers and the unique citrus-based BioTanning complex deep within the skin tissue, where the ingredients go to work to increase skin pigmentation and optimize color.

As you work the formula into the skin, you'll feel an intense warming tingle as the bronzers enliven your skin cells, preparing them for ultraviolet exposure.

To minimize the negative effects of tanning, the ORIGINAL DARK BROWN SUGAR 45 Bronzer Tingle Tanning Lotion is packed with natural extracts, vitamins and nutrients. Acai berry extract is added for its moisturizing, antibacterial and skin-firming benefits, and a blend of key skin minerals is found in the formula to stimulate cellular growth and rejuvenation.

Antioxidant coenzyme Q10 completes the formula, offering protection to limit the aging effects of the tanning bed.


Reviews (3)

Michael 16th Mar 2018

Brown sugar

Not a whole lot of tingle probably just me but it does make your skin look like brown sugar.

Joanie Smith 6th Jun 2016


It didn't have much of a tingle gets me dark fast

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