(October - December)


The world of tanning and skin care science is constantly evolving. Each year, the researchers at top brands formulate new ingredients and discover new benefits of natural extracts. The results of these breakthroughs are new tanning products with exciting new features. The top names in tanning like Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, Devoted Creations, Designer Skin, Hempz, Brown Sugar and Supre Tan annually unveil new products, including new bronzers, tan extenders, accelerators and skin care products, and TanForLess is pleased to make these cutting edge lotions available to you.

Our team here at TanForLess is always on the lookout for the release of new products from top tanning brands. We do the hard work of researching new tanning lotions and staying on the pulse of the skin care and tanning industry, so that you don't have to. When we find a new, exciting tanning lotion to share with you, we negotiate the best possible prices on the tanning lotions and then add them to our collection at the lowest possible retail prices. As a result, you'll find the best 2021 tanning lotions right here at TanForLess.com at a fraction of the cost charged by tanning salons.


  • Australian Gold Accelerator K 8.5oz (Dark Tanning Accelerator Infused with Carrot Oil)
  • Australian Gold Chiseled by G Gentlemen 8.5oz (Weightless Cooling Dark Tanning Intensifier)
  • Australian Gold Color Crush 8.5oz (20X Color Correcting Blue Hued Bronzer)
  • Australian Gold Daringly Dark 8.5oz (Ultra-Powerful Dark Intensifier)
  • Australian Gold Feelin' Beachy 8.5oz (Ultra-Dark Paradise Glow Bronzer With Australian Watermelon Cooler)
  • Australian Gold Endless Vacation 10oz (Triple Dip Hybrid Intensifier With Continuous Color Cocktail)
  • Australian Gold Hemp Nation Sparkling Citrus & Champagne Body Lotion 18oz (Moisturizing Tan Extender with Hemp Seed Oil)
  • Australian Gold Hemp Nation Sparkling Citrus & Champagne Body Wash 8oz (Moisturizing Body Wash with Hemp Seed Oi)
  • Australian Gold Hot! Black 8.5oz (Extraordinary Black Bronzer With Sincere Skincare Blend)
  • Australian Gold Mineral Haze 10oz (28th Dimension Uplifting Dark Bronzer With Calming Cannabis Complex)
  • Australian Gold Nothing But Black 8.5oz (Extraordinary Ultra Dark XXX Black Bronzer Infused with Charcoal)
  • Australian Gold Wicked Lovely 8.5oz (Sultry DermaDark Bronzing Blend With NeverFade Tattoo Technology)


  • Brown Sugar Double Dark Black Chocolate Martini 13.5oz (Ultra-Advanced Black Bronzer Peptide-Perfect Skin Firming Cocktail)
  • Brown Sugar Double Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries 13.5oz (Ultra Advanced Bronzing Gelato 400X Bronzer)


  • California Tan Tekton Natural Bronzer 8.5oz (Tektonic Natrual Bronzer Step 2)
  • California Tan Versus Bronzer 8oz (Versus Bronzer Step 2)
  • California Tan Versus Intensifier 8oz (Versus Intesifier Step 1)
  • California Tan Coast Tan Extender 16oz (Coast Tan Extender)
  • California Tan Rays & Waves By Cali 1.3oz (Rays & Waves Facial Intensifier)


  • Designer Skin Awestruck 13.5oz (Enhanced 65X Invincible Bronzer)
  • Designer Skin Awestruck Tan Extender 16oz (Invisible Barrier Technology & Flawless Retouch Silicone)
  • Designer Skin Obvious 13.5oz  (18X Extra Attitude Bronzer & Color Amplified Complex)
  • Designer Skin Tattle Tail 13.5oz (Untamed Natural Bronzer with Golden Mineral Glow)
  • Designer Skin Resort Life 8.5oz (Complexion Perfecting Intensifier with Sunspot Corrector)


  • Devoted Creations H.I.M. Atlantic 8.5oz (Blue Hued Anti-Orange Color Correcting Bronzer)
  • Devoted Creations Coconut Krem Mega Moisturizer 18.25oz
  • Devoted Creations Filthy Rich 12.25oz (Exclusive Ultra Rich Bronzing Lotion, Formulated for the Tanning Elite)
  • Devoted Creations Moroccan Midnight 13.5oz (Brilliantly Ultra Dark DHA-Free Bronzing Lotion)
  • Devoted Creations White 2 Black Coconut 8.5oz (Coconut Infused Dark Bronzing Color Crème) 


  • Fiesta Sun Feeling FanSea 9.5oz (Elaborately Dark Bronzer)
  • Fiesta Sun Pure Grapeness 8oz (Pure Grapeness Superior Tan Maximizer)
  • Fiesta Sun Seas the Sizzle 9.5oz (Sweltering Hot Accelerator)


  • Hempz All Inclusive Hydro Gelée 9.5oz (Dark tanning Intensifier)
  • Hempz Beach Mode 8.5oz (Dark Tanning Maximizer)
  • Hempz Beach Body 6oz (Raspberry Peach & Tamarind Herbal Body Moisturizer)
  • Hempz Legs For Days 6oz (Beach Ready Bronzer)
  • Hempz Summer Love 6oz (Wildflowers & Coconut Water Herbal Body Moisturizer)
  • Hempz Truly Black 13.5oz (Complexion Balancing Black Bronzer)


  • JWOWW Fit Life 13.5oz (Dynamic Dark Intensifier)
  • JWOWW Shore Win 13.5oz (High Roller Color Correcting Ultra Dark Bronzer)


  • ProTan Wildly Dark Summer Seltzer 9.5oz (Black DHA Bronzer)
  • ProTan Beaches & Crème Black Butter 8.5oz (Black Bronzing Butter with Carrot Oil)
  • ProTan Beaches & Crème Sizzling Butter 8.5oz (Sizzling Hot Tanning Butter with Carrot Oil)


  • Supre Tan #InfluencerStatus 10.1oz (Matte Finish Bronzer)
  • Supre tan #AllMyExes 100xxx 10.1oz (100xxx Black Bronzer)
  • Supre Tan Tan Candy Mocha Choca Latte 8.5oz (Mocha Choca Latte Natural Bronzer)
  • Supre Tan Snooki Adios Beaches 9oz (Adios Beaches Hello Black Bronzer)


  • Swedish Beauty Love Boho Festival Fever 10oz (Tingle Bronzer)
  • Swedish Beauty Love Boho Wild Heart 10oz (Love Boho Wild Heart White Bronzer)
  • Swedish Beauty Love Boho Midnight Muse 3oz (Love Boho Midnight Muse Leg Bronzer)
  • Swedish Beauty Pink Craze 7oz (Pink Craze Dark Bronzer)
  • Swedish Beauty Pink Escape 7oz (Pink Escape Natural Bronzer)


  • Tan Asz U Midnight Maui 13.5oz (Double Shot 400X Bronzer Black Pearl & Peptide Illuminator)