Here are a few of the comments we have received by email from customers:

  • 'Eric thanks so much for great customer service and for switching the bombshell for the trinity xs I love the color I get from the trinity xs and thanks for the bulb info I will definitely come to you when I'm ready for a bulb purchase thanks again.
    ~ Lindsay E.


  • 'I have talked to 3 different employees and all have been VERY understanding, patient, and kind! I was told to be weary of buying tanning lotions online, but you truly have no reason to worry whatsoever when you use! The first lotion I bought broke out my skin (simply because my skin is a nightmare to deal with) and when I called them to just see what my options were, they were enthusiastic and extremely helpful. I will definitely be recommending everyone I know who needs any type of tanning supplies (or even just a great moisturizer) here for all of their needs! I am beyond impressed by the efforts and diligence of this team. You know you're in good hands with this company!! :) Thank you for showing me that all hope isn't lost when it comes to exceptional customer service!! You guys rock!'~ Shelby D, Indiana 
  • 'One of the many things that puts above the rest is promptness.  There is not a warehouse delay.  Shipping is exactly  what you order.  I am truly impressed with the overall customer service,   fantastic product selection at amazing prices, no worries - ever.  I  have never had a problem with an order.  You cannot say that for other  online sites.  Thank you for making the process a breeze.'~ Rita, Alabama 


  • 'Good Evening...I just wanted to take a moment to tell you Im so   glad I found you online. I have been purchasing self tanning products from you quite a few times lately and have passed on how quickly you  send out the product and what wonderful prices you offer. I have been so   thrilled with your store. I wanted to add a special thankyou for this last package I just opened you sent me some freebies samples and I found  that quite kind. Thank you for some of the products you sent I have  wondered about trying. That was very thoughtful and much appreciated. I  think you are the BEST! I have shared with several co-workers your name  and where to find you online. My co-workers I have offered to let them  try some of the products I buy from you and they are addicted as I have  become. All my business with you has been EXCELLENT TO THE MAX! VERY  PLEASED CUSTOMER....THANK YOU SO KINDLY! HUGS AND BLESSINGS.'~ Kim W.




  • 'Hi guys, Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the  great products and service. I have been tanning for a very long time  (1993) and getting products online always seemed to be very tedious to  say the least. I found your site last year and never looked back. Your  products and service are A+. I was a Hoss Sauce die hard, but thanks to your various products, I have used different products with great results  (still love Hoss Sauce though). My recent order was #XXXXX and already  looking for new products to try. Keep up the great work... Best   regards'~ Jesse H.


  • 'Hi, The order process was simple and the speed at which I  received my product was great!  The shipping time is amazing.  The price   was unbeatable as well.  I am preparing to order more of the same  product as it appears to be working.   Thanks what great customer service you provide!!'~ Yvonne L.


  • 'Tanforless is the best  and the only place I use for my tanning   bed bulbs and lotion. Shipping is fast !  A girl who works in my doctors  office ask me where I got my bulbs at and I told her and she ordered  from tanforless and was very happy with the service.  I recently had placed an order for myself for some lotion(4 bottles) and  my hair dresser ask me where I got my lotion from and since she doesn't have a computer I ordered her 2 bottles and she is another very happy  customer. Anytime anyone ask me anything about tanning supplies I always   recommend tanforless. Keep up the Great Service. From A Happy Customer' ~Rita, Indiana


  • 'Thank you for your excellent customer service! I have never seen  such prompt shipping & attention to detail. As a "year round  tanner" who has worked in tanning salons, I know a lot about skin care  & tanning products. I love the compliments I get on my tan & I  love getting a great price, so I plan to continue buying right here.'~  Brenda, Ohio


  • 'So I just received my second order from your company. I'm really  impressed! REEEEAAALLLLLYYY impressed :) I truly know the products are  legitimate (which is difficult on the internet nowadays) because I just  had a sample packet of a moisturizer and I compared it to the product  you sent. The exact same, genuine item. I'm so happy! You sent it super  fast... Pretty much no time at all processing it. Thanks so much for  actually having integrity and doing your job well. I appreciate your  company, and especially your prices! You are now my number one source  for tanning lotions year round and I will definitely recommend you to  everyone I know. Excellent job. Thank you times a million.' ~Breanna,  Kansas


  • 'I would like to thank you for emailing me and asking if I had  another shipping address, instead of just canceling my order. I went  through a situation similar to this but a little different a week ago  when I tried to order a product online. Their website says absolutely  nothing about them not being able to ship to P.O. Boxes, so they  accepted my order, withdrew the money from my account, then emailed me  hours later saying, By the way we cannot ship to PO Boxes, your money  has been refunded and your order canceled. This could have been  prevented by them sending me an email just like you did this morning  asking if there was somewhere else I would like my order shipped to. And   when I first saw it this morning after just waking up, my initial  thought was oh no its happening all over again, which it was not! For  that I am sorry, and I just thought I would let you know that and  acknowledge that you didn't inconvenience me at all, you did just what I   wish all the other sites would do! is a wonderful site. I'm grateful for it, and the  customer service is excellent, you especially Kari Jo! I recommend this  site to my tanner friends all the time. I would also like to thank you  for all your products always being real, full, and top quality!'  Thanks Again!'~  Ryan, Maine


  • 'I just want to let you know how truly thrilled I am with your company!  You offered the new 2011 products before anyone else, have an incredible  selection, your prices are the best & my order was delivered the very next  day. My entire order was very carefully packaged with layers of bubbles, to  protect the bottles during shipping. I will only buy from you from now on,  you're awesome! Thank you so much.' ~Brenda S., Ohio


  • 'Dear Eric, I just learned about your company last night. I finally got a home computer and was "looking around". I was so elated to see  your prices and all the products you carry. I have been a tanner inside and outside for years. I use my indoor lotions outside too. This a.m. I   spoke with Kari, she took her time with me, I had questions about a  product I was unaware of. I then placed not one but two orders after  sharing my wonderful experience with a friend (I ordered lotion for  her). Kari is an excellent asset to your company, good customer service is not a given out thing anymore. So again, thank you for EVERYTHING!!!'  ~Lee Ann B., Wisconsin


  • 'Greetings, Thank you guys for such great products and service. This   is my second order from your site and I am very impressed. I have  hesitated ordering from your site up until now because the salon that I tan at said that your products were "fakes", expired and / or watered  down products that were being sold as the real thing and thus couldn't  be trusted for their authenticity.... Well , Shame on California Sun  Centers here in Northern California!!! Their products are exactly the  same and 2 to 3 times the price..... Cant believe it has taken me 3  years to decide to give you a try... Keep up the good work....I am  quickly spreading the good news about your authentic products,great  prices and awesome service!! Bright Blessings to you all,~ Kellie P., California'


  • 'You people are so reliable. I can always count on receiving my  product in no more than three days. I have been ordering your product  for years and I have never once had a problem with the service you  provide. You are much appreciated by me. Thank you' ~Barbara H.


  • 'I just hung up with Eric Johnson and want to tell whomevver is his "Higher  Up" that I was ever so excited to speak to someone who was articulate, knew the  product and spoke perfect English and seemed to actually care and want to help.   What a refreshing change from the norm out there in the world.  I will come  back to you folks next time and again.  Thank you Eric for your help and  earnest customer service!!!' ~JP


  • 'I wanted to take the time to say Thank You for the quick  service and a pleasure doing business with you.  I will be a returning  customer and will refer you to other folks.  I place my order Monday and it  arrived Wednesday.  I spoke with Eric Johnson and he was very helpful and  great to work with.  Thank you.'~Linda


  • 'To the WONDERFUL TEAM at Tan For Less... The website is simple to navigate and is comprehensive. You provide  thorough information on the products and clear photos of the containers.  I've even called to ask staff at your office which products smell good  and if they didn't know, they ASKED others. You are all so helpful and the timeframe from the on-line order to  delivery to my door, is unbelievable. You are THEE BEST company I've ever ordered from which is why I will  continue to be a committed customer. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR being the kind of ON-LINE business I can trust and  still have EXCELLENT customer service! WISCONSIN LOVES TANFORLESS.COM!' ~Linda


  • 'I just want to add that I always get excellent service at  and the products are quality!!! I have mentioned your website in several  different tanning salons, and they all so far have told me to stay away from  purchasing products from your website b/c they are not quality... I  personally believe b/c they do not like you cutting into their "bottom line".  It is terrible to walk into one of those places and see the exact same tanning  lotion for 120.00 at the salon that you can purchase for 30 at  These tanning salons are gouging people and trying to quadruple their profits.  I appreciate the excellent prices and customer service I have always received  from' ~Christi


  • 'I am pleased to say that your customer service is impeccable.   The easy to use shopping cart and the pleasant customer service made my  shopping experience a breeze.  I would recommend your web site to  anyone.  The prices are hard to beat, I still have not found the  products I purchased cheaper anywhere.  Also the products themselves  were brand new latest released products.  Thank you for your  commitment.' ~E. McGraw


  • 'You guys are the BEST!? My Tanning Salon charges 60% more than  you guys for the same product!?  I was so happy to find you!?  I will  be back over and over again!?  Probably today!' ~G. Harrington


  • 'Love the product ordered from Tanforless.  It was exactly what  I ordered, arrived in reasonable amount of time and two bottles with  shipping cost just a little more than one bottle at the salon cost.   Thanks for a great product at a great price.' ~D. Baker


  • 'Thank you for keeping your prices down and carrying all the  products that you do.  I received my order very quickly and began to use   immediately.  Love the stuff.  My tanning salon said to be cautious  about ordering tanning products online because they might not be the  real thing-I compared the product I bought from them previously and the same product I bought from you and there was no difference---well there   was one major difference---about $25 in the price (even with getting it  at 20% off with them)!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!' ~P. Hale


  • 'Dealing with was a complete pleasure! I ordered  my item at a great price -and it arrived fast! I had questions about  the product and someone was always there when I phoned or emailed. I  will continue to order Sun Labortories products from tanforless from now  on. Thanks for be[ing] a great place to shop!' ~A. Tedesco


  • 'You people are the best…always on time and the product is always fresh, never old.  I never have any complaints about you!' ~B. Hollingsworth


  • 'I just received my order and wanted to thank you so much for  your prompt service and for your great customer service.  I will  definitely use your website to order all of my tanning needs and refer  all of my friends and my tanning salon to it for their needs.  You are  truly appreciated.' ~K. Hazlitt


  • 'My order came quickly and I was very, very pleased with the  products...I will most definitely be ordering from you now - forget  about the stores and their mark-ups. Thank you for being there.'  ~J. Caton


  • 'I think your website is a life saver. I have tanned in the  past and paid tons of money for lotions where here it is super cheap and  I can buy multiple kinds of lotions. I think you guys are doing an  incredible job! You have easy buying, great prices, and fast shipping.  All three times that I have purchased from I have been  very happy and plan on returning.' ~V. Masson


  • 'I am absolutely hooked on you guys! Love love love the service  you provide and products you offer. I can't believe I survived tanning  without getting my stuff online from you guys before!' ~S. Nolan


  • 'I am 100% impressed with your customer service and the fast  delivery. You get 5 stars in my book. I love the product I ordered and  will continue to order as needed.  Thanks for great service!!'  ~P. Bordelon


  • 'I have ordered from Tan For Less several times and as always  my last order was shipped promptly. Your customer service is great and  your products are always in excellent condition. I have ordered from  some other companies who have sold out of date products or didn't send  me what I ordered. I will definitely be ordering again soon. Your  website is on my favorites list!' ~ JA Clawson


  • 'I thoroughly enjoy the product and will continue to purchase  through out the year for I am a die hard tanner.  It is one of the best products I have ever used as far as sunless tanning goes.  And the order  is shipped quickly and efficiently and delivered just as the tracking  invoice states. But what I am impressed with is the fact that you took the time to ask  for feed back.  We live in a world now where most businesses have  forgotten how to appreciate the customer.  ~J.M. Sawyer


  • 'I really appreciate your quick attention to the shipment of my  recent order. I really enjoy doing business with someone who feels the  customer is important to their business.' ~P. Akom


  • 'As always, I receive my orders quickly and accurately.  I've purchased everything from a tanning bed to lotions and continue to be pleased.  I refer your site to EVERYONE!' ~C. Brown


  • 'The "Savage Bronze" product I ordered is awesome - great brown, not orange color; goes on  without streaks; the color lasts; and it smells SO GOOD!  I have to use a  loofa type sponge to scrub it off my palms when I'm done, but in the  few minutes it takes me to do that the foam has dried and I can get  dressed :) Beautiful!  I am telling all my pigment challenged,  non-suntanning friends about your site and and great products!' ~J. Troemel


  • 'I am very pleased with my order from your website and I have  been telling all of my friends that tan or are thinking about tanning  about your website and your great prices. I recently purchased a lotion  from my salon that I tan at for over $60.00 with my "discount" that is  on your website for a little over $30.00. I tan almost everyday and I go  through a lot of lotion so I am VERY pleased to have found your  website! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!! I am now a Customer For  Life!' ~J. McCabe


  • 'Just want to say, you people are great! My order came in three  days after ordering. Super fast and exactly what I ordered. I like the  fact that you take paypal. That's why I ordered. I already placed  another order and I see it's on it's way now too. I will keep buying  from you as it's so easy to order, you have so many items to choose from   and the prices can't be beat!  I love this site! Thanks!' ~N. Hicks


  • 'I just wanted to say thank you. Your site is great and the  service I've received has always been outstanding! Thank you so much for  being informative, courteous and prompt. It isn't something you see a  lot of these days! Keep up the great work and thanks again!' ~N. Crawford


  • 'The Freedom lotion is AWESOME!!! Smells so good and DOES smooth my skin out!! Also, the  shipping was VERY fast and my package arrived a day earlier than it was  scheduled to! The staff was very friendly, knowledgable, and helpful  when I called for information, as well!! The price I paid for my lotion  was less than half of what it retails for at a tanning salon! Great  price, great product, great service, I will definitely use for my lotion and other tanning products needs in the  future! Thanks for a wonderful shopping experience.'  ~L. Hull


  • 'Best sunless tanning I've tried. Thank You.' ~J. Bell


  • 'Thank you for the fast service. I enjoy my product ["The Tannie" Tanning Cap] and plan to use you again for all my tanning needs.'  ~M. Maurer


  • I LOVE the tanning lotion that I ordered from you [Sun Labs Dark Sunsation Instant Self Tanning Lotion].  It's the best self-tanner that I've ever used. I'm telling everyone I  know about it. I don't have any complaints - I received the product very  quickly, and I think the price is very reasonable. Thank you.' ~S. Pfaff


  • 'My clients really like the Aviva Labs 10% Bronzer Airbrush Solution. I also tried the FakeBake Airbrush Solution for the first time, and the clients LOVED it! And I have to say that your prices are AWESOME!!!!' ~ T. Romines


  • 'I have been a customer of for about 10 years  now. My orders have always been quickly filled and shipped right on  time. The prices are great and my shopping experiences have always been  above and beyond...My overall experience with has been  wonderful and will I remain a loyal customer.' ~J. Graves


  • 'As always, your service is beyond belief. I just wish I could get Australian Gold Crystal at your sight [sic]. But not to complain, I have my orders in record  time and Eric always sounds as if he knows me personally.' ~ P. Luke Note: At, you can once again get Australian Gold online!


  • 'I happened upon your website as I was shopping for supplies  for my at-home tanning bed. I was impressed with how easy it was to  browse all your products and the information that was provided. I have  placed two orders now and plan on a third one soon. I appreciate how  quickly my items were shipped and your emails letting me know my order  was on its way. Your customer service is outstanding! Thank you so much for having such a user friendly website and a terrific  variety of top brand products. I look forward to doing business with  you again!' ~C. Nash


  • 'My husband and I love the product, it works great! I loved the  fast service. I had my order in 2 days! I would not hesitate to order  again! ~ S. & M. Thompson


  • 'The tanning bed I ordered a few years back continues to work  fine...and has saved a lot of rental money! No ill effects when used  properly. The overseas shipping was complicated but I appreciate your  efforts at working with me in getting it delivered as smoothly as  possible.' ~M. Orr


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