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Devoted Creations HIM Ultimate 2 in 1 Men's Body Wash and Shampoo - 7 oz.

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Devoted Creations knows what guys want--clear skin that she'll want to touch, masculine scents and solutions that are easy to use. Formulated especially for guys, Devoted Creations HIM Ultimate 2 in 1 Men's Body Wash and Shampoo is everything a man needs to look his best and free of the fussy, flowery or complicated formulas found in ordinary skin care products.

A multi-tasker designed for the hair, the complexion and the skin of the body, the formula has a blend of powerful surfactants that obliterate dirt, sweat and oil. This prevents breakouts and leaves the tissue feeling squeaky clean without stripping away the moisture that a man's skin needs to stay healthy. The formula is pH-balanced for male body chemistry, making it effective at eliminating body odors.

 A blend of vitamins A, E and C are added to the formula to keep a guy's skin protected from the pollutants and ultraviolet energy that comes its way. Best of all, the formula has a sexy amber fragrance that is unmistakably masculine.


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26th Jul 2017

happy men

Feedback from guys that have purchased it from My salon love the fragrance as well as the moisturizer in it.

Randall Haas 16th May 2013

Love This Stuff

I really love this stuff 2 in 1 body/hair wash - the smell is great too!

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