Norvell PROLONG Sunless Color Extender - 8.5 oz.

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Prolong daily sunless color extender will extend or build your sunless tan for that "Just off the Beach Color".

  • Build and extend your sunless tan
  • Time release micro capsules
  • Natural enzymes
  • Advanced DHA odor encapsulation
  • Use daily
  • Paraben Free, Gluten Free, 100% Vegan

Let's face it; sunless tanning is a lot of work, but it's worth it to get that golden glow without compromising the health of your skin. Designed to make sunless tanning more convenient, the Norvell PROLONG Sunless Color Extender is designed to help your sunless tan remain vibrant for longer, so you can apply your self-tanner less frequently.

Created by one of the leading manufacturers of professional sunless tanning formulas, the color extender can be used to add depth to the color of your sunless tan or restore its vibrancy when it begins to fade. The formula uses micro-encapsulated DHA to darken the skin tissue, and its unique form eliminates the unpleasant smell that can come with some sunless formulas.

Norvell PROLONG Sunless Color Extender is intended for daily use and contains a time-release formula that keeps your color looking more radiant from morning til night. Natural enzymes are added to the formula to remove cellular debris and soften your skin, making sunless tanning formulas far more effective.


Reviews (2)

Kayla Mussehl 19th Nov 2014

Norvell Sunless Extender

Best extender that I have ever used! Most sunless extenders smell really bad, but this one has a pleasant scent! Nothing orange about this! My tanning salon where I spray tan uses Norvell so I love following up with this lotion to keep my spray from fading too soon; it also helps the spray tan to fade evenly! No blotchiness! Norvell has the best sunless products so glad tanforless sells them! xoxo

Jodi 22nd Jul 2014

The Best Ever Tan Extender

Great the touch of bronze in it. My spray lasts more than 1 week. Great product! TanForLess is excellent, great turnaround time! Never disappointed!

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