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Tan Asz U HULA HOTTIE Advanced 200x Hot Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Advanced 200X Volcanic Island Hot Bronzer

Luau™ Goddess Glow & Rose Hip Shake Serum
Escape to Hawaii and embrace the secrets of a hula girl.  At first it may seem the tanning gods are angry with a volcanic island tingle, but it’s a warm greeting followed by a bronze goddess glow to show you are accepted and adored.  Your color and radiance are as captivating as the sunsets & black sand beaches themselves, and it is yours to flaunt.
  • Advanced 200X Volcanic Island Hot Bronzer is the darkest of dark
  • Don’t fear the tingle, it’s a warm gift from the gods
  • A Luau Rose Hip Shake Serum is one of the secrets of a perfect tan

Fragrance: Coconut & Zesty Orange Vanilla


Reviews (3)

Kassie 3rd Aug 2019

Hula hottie

I used the hula hottie and my body felt so hot while tanning but talk about BEAUTIFUL BRONZED RESULTS I really love this lotion

Jen 12th Mar 2019

Caution horrible reaction

I luckily decided to try this on my legs st home before taking it to my salon. The smell is not good. This lotion turned my skin purple! I tan daily in a level 5 stand up bed. I use all sorts of lotions. I’ve never seen a lotion that literally made my skin puffy & swollen like this one did. I had to jump in the shower to to wash it all off quickly. My skin was on fire, puffy, swollen & bright red & purple for hours after I washed it off. It did eventually go away but I would caution people to not use this lotion at the salon prior to testing it where you can wash it off quickly if needed. It’s horrible in my opinion. It was a huge waste of money.

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