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Australian Gold CRYSTAL FACES Bronzer - 4.5 oz.

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No DHA in this new facial tanning lotion/bronzer from Australian Gold.

  • DermaDark® Bronzer: Maximum level of revolutionary streak-free, DHA-free bronzing technology that lasts up to 8 days
  • Cashmir Silk Silicone: Rich, lavishly smooth hydrating formula that applies and feels like silk
  • Superior Skincare: Highest concentration of ultimate skincare and firming protection to promote healthier and visibly smooth skin
  • Fragrance Free

Even if you're a tanning pro, achieving a perfectly golden glow on your face can be a challenge. Your facial skin is often one of the first parts of your body to show signs of aging, and the uneven texture that accompanies lines and wrinkles can make it difficult for ordinary tanning lotions to deliver results.

The Australian Gold CRYSTAL FACES Bronzer is a unique formula designed to overcome the challenges of facial tanning with DermaDark bronzer. This blend of natural extracts accelerates pigment production for dark tanning results that last up to 8 days. Best of all, the base tan builder is free of DHA, so it applies evenly all over the face.

A truly luxurious formula, the Australian Gold CRYSTAL FACES Bronzer contains cashmir silk silicones, which smooth and soften the facial skin. The product also contains a powerful combination of nutrient-rich extracts that deeply penetrate the facial tissue with each application. This blend helps to promote collagen production to battle wrinkles and protects the skin from UV damage.


Reviews (4)

Courtney/swimuk9296 24th Dec 2016


I am really picky about my facial bronzers and intensifiers -- I am middle aged and I am also still breakout prone, so my skin care needs are a bit all over the place. This non-DHA bronzer is a good one to have in the face lotion rotation. It is plenty moisturizing without being heavy and pore-clogging. Added plus: the lotion seems to have no fragrance, which is great as we can often smell our facial bronzers for hours right under our noses!

Gail 9th Aug 2016

Best Of Them All!

I've used this stuff for years and it rocks! Nothing will get your face evenly tanned better than this.

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