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Australian Gold JWOWW Shore Win High Roller Color Correcting Ultra Dark Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Never take a gamble on your color! This High Roller Ultra Dark Bronzer will give you the dark color you crave, no luck needed. Jackpot Jewel Blend contains extravagant gemstones that help nourish and revitalize, while Skin Barrier Blend protects skin from pollutants. Caffeine helps energize and tone skin for a flawless complexion, as the Intense Moisture Blend provides a silky soft tanning canvas and ensures dark color lasts for days.

  • High Roller Ultra Dark Color Correcting Bronzer – Winning combination of Caramel, Blue Tansy, Violet and Indigo that provide an instant, dark hue to the skin, while helping counteract orange tones; then a high dose of DHA with Erythrulose  ensures darker color continues to develop all night long
  • Jackpot Jewel Fusion – Decadent jewels, including Diamonds and Pearls, help nourish and revitalize for a youthful complexion
  • Skin Barrier Blend – Deluxe Silicones help to smooth skin, forming a protective layer that helps lock in hydration and shields against environmental aggressors
  • Intense Moisture Blend – Powerful combination of hydrating ingredients seal in moisture for longer-lasting gorgeous color
  • Fragrance: Dazzling Peach

“Some things are too important to leave up to chance or luck, and my tan is one of them. With this bronzer, dark color is a Shore Win! Xoxo” JWOWW – Jenni Farley


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Heather 6th Jul 2021

Smells Great!

I am a JWOWW fan, always have been! This lotion smalls really good but you have to be SO careful putting this on or you will have stripes!! :-( I have been using it for a week and a half and I don't notice a good tan yet. I do notice that I have stripes on my legs though. I am going to keep trying.

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