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Brown Sugar BLACK CHOCOLATE 200X Black Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Advanced 200X max silicone black bronzer with double dark chocolate extract and coconut butter blend.

  • Double dark chocolate extract nourishes skin with potent anti-oxidants
  • An ultra-rich butter and silicone blend melts into skin for a supple and beautiful glow
  • Fragrance: Sensual Amber & Berries

Nothing could be better than a piece of decadent dark black chocolate, except perhaps a tan that's as dark and delicious! Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Advanced 200X Bronzer can help you get that deep brown tan that you've been salivating for and craving! This luxury bronzer is made in small batches for superior quality and to ensure that its blend of black bronzers is perfectly balanced to amplify the effects of tanning up to 200 times. The unique manufacturing approach makes this bronzer capable of satisfying your deepest chocolate tan cravings without the need for DHA.

The Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Advanced 200X Bronzer actually contains real dark chocolate extract, which treats the skin to a heaping helping of antioxidants to help protect it from lines and wrinkles. Max silicones drench your skin in moisture and help to prevent tanning related dryness and roughness from occurring. The formula feels like a moisturizing butter and becomes rapidly absorbed into the skin tissue upon application.


Reviews (5)

Rudi 29th May 2017

Max Silicone is evident, Bronzers are Mind Blowing.

I first used this lotion in a level 3 bed Lotus. It was great. The lotion left my skin feeling soft and supple. The after tan smell of this lotion is good. It doesn't leave you extremely fragrances yet it masques the smell of tanning. Bronzers are very dark, make sure you rub the product in very well. Use a wet wash cloth BEFORE you get into the tanning bed to wipe palms and between fingers or you will be stained. Overall though, this lotion is one of my favorites!

trista lester 27th Sep 2016

really disappointed with the purchase of black mocha,

I'll never purchase this product again , it's a waste of my hard earned money

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