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Brown Sugar WHITE CHOCOLATE Moisturizer for Tanners - 18 oz.

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This DHA-FREE formula has the triple benefits of all-day moisturizing, tan enhancer, & tan extender, to cultivate beautiful skin & attractive tans. 

Sumptuous, rich, soft, lavish - more than just a moisturizer!

  • Double Dark Chocolate Extract nourishes skin with nutrients & antioxidants
  • Argan Oil of Morocco & nourishes with Vitamin E & essential Omega Acids
  • Coconut butter provides lush levels of hydration
  • Lush anti-aging skin firming & toning complexes rejuvenate the appearance of skin
  • Tan extending ingredients cultivate the length & breadth of your color
  • Tropical fragrance

Tanning helps you get that golden glow to enhance your skin's natural beauty, but how can you keep that color going strong and guard against dryness and signs of aging due to UV exposure? Brown Sugar WHITE CHOCOLATE Moisturizer for Tanners is the solution to all of your tanning skin care needs and will help you keep your skin looking and feeling its best every day. When applied from head to toe at least once daily, the formula helps to keep the color from your tan vibrant for longer and can even slightly darken your skin by feeding the pigment producing cells.

Brown Sugar WHITE CHOCOLATE Moisturizer for Tanners pampers the skin with luscious cocoa butter and exotic argan oil. These natural skin conditioners leave the tissue feeling softer and smoother while treating it to essential nutrients to keep signs of dryness at bay. Double dark chocolate extract is added for its anti-aging benefits, which help to firm, tone and protect the tissue.


Reviews (2)

LL 3rd May 2021

So moisturizerizing

I have super dry skin and I love how creamy it is.

JDubb 11th Aug 2017


I really hoped the fragrance would be similar to their tanning products. Instead, it seemed quite fruity. The smell is fine, but again I hoped to be more similar to the tanning products. It is a thin & watery product, so if you don't like a thick sticky lotion this may work. I prefer the DC Crown of Gold in comparison to this. This lotion is white and COG is a nice light brown color that gives you a color boost as well as great hydration.

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