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Designer Skin Glamorize Fabulous 24X Bronze Shook Blend - 13.5 oz.

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Designer Skin Glamorize Fabulous 24X Bronze Shook Blend - 13.5 oz.

Fabulous 24X Bronze Shook Blend
Last Call Complex + Electric Rush Elixir
Mega Magical Silicone

  • 24X Bronze Shook Blend features a fabulous fusion of DHA, enhanced with deep Red and Violet hues, to create exhilarating color that begins developing immediately
  • Last Call Complex works to flip the switch on color production for flawless, long-lasting dark color
  • Electric Rush Elixir combines energizing Caffeine and Peptides to help deliver a tightened and more radiant effect
  • Mega Magical Silicone helps to provide extended color, optical blurring for fine lines and a luxuriously soft feel to leave skin silkier and softer than ever
  • Fragrance: Sparkling Bellini
Features a revolutionary Silicone Emulsion Therapy which hydrates and promotes smooth, sinfully-soft skin for a youthful looking glow.  Wondrous skincare and essential ingredients condition the skin for optimal results and a more defined look.

Reviews (4)

Taylor Arnold 29th May 2021

Awesome for beginners who have a base tan!

I absolutely love this bronzer! Im fairly new to tanning. Im about 3 months into my tanning sessions.. I have a great base,, but i've recently hit a plateau where it feels like I just can't get any darker! (I am fairly light skinned and hard to tan to begin with) However this stuff surprised me! It does keep me nice and dark for a COUPLE DAYS, but at this point I think I need a higher bronzer! I really, REALLY want to try STARDOM, but it's so damn expensive! I might give bombshell a go! One thing I know is, I'm obsessed with designer skin and protons legs!

Michelle 27th Jul 2020

Great lotion

Smells great and I love the color! Other lotions smell so bad but after using this I’ll always buy this brand!

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