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Designer Skin NO APOLOGIES Tan Extending Shave Lotion - 8.5 oz.

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Tan Extending Shave Lotion with Juice Evolution® Technology. Firming Blend with Shave Minimizer.

  • Juice Evolution® Technology contains the antioxidant rich Superfruits, Passion Fruit and Sea Buckthorn Berries, with Sugar Cane to help condition, protect and soothe skin while shaving
  • The silky smooth formulation creates a thin, lather-free layer on the skin, allowing for a closer shave with no irritation
  • Contains Caffeine packed Coffee Bean Extract and Shave Minimizers to promote sexy skin that’s smooth, toned and tightened
  • Designed to be used on wet or dry skin. Hemp Free. Aloe Free. Sulfate Free.
  • Fragrance: Papaya Passion

Reviews (5)

Emily Delgado 11th Mar 2020

Smells Yummy!

This has helped maintain my tan longer and keep my skin smooth. My only issue is the consistancy, I feel like it should be a bit thicker but I bought 2 and will 100% use them.

Crystal 8th Aug 2019

The only thing I use!

The best shaving product I’ve ever found! Not only does it smell amazing it had the greatest hair inhibitors ever! I only have to shave maybe twice a week, I used to shave everyday.

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