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Designer Skin SAHARA JEWEL Spectacular 30x Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Spectacular 30X Bronzeuphoria Complex™
Color Bursting Beads with Cushion Silicone
Enchanted Renewal Elixir

  • Bronzeuphoria Complex™ features an opulent fusion of Caramel and Minerals, enhanced with Tyrosine, to create this 30X Spectacular Natural Bronzer 
  • Color Bursting Beads impart immediate rich, dark color as they melt onto skin for a dazzling transformation and optimal results
  • Cushion Silicone drapes skin in a breathable, silky layer that hydrates while leaving behind a luxurious, cushioned feel and a flawless appearance
  • Enchanted Renewal Elixir contains replenishing vitamins and antioxidants known to help fight free radicals; aiding in the appearance of smooth, radiant skin
  • Fragrance: White Sands

Reviews (3)

Lana 2nd Dec 2020

Great lotion at a great price!

This is my first purchase of a higher end lotion, I usually purchased the 40-60 dollar bottles directly from my salon at home. Getting Sahara for a great price when my salon was charging 120 is awesome. I love the lotion and smell of it. Some cheaper lotions smell funny after you actually tan, but not this one. The beads are an interesting surprise. You have to make sure you really rub them in or they look like little dirt swipes on your body. My bottle came with the jewel on the front and looks exactly like the one at my salon. I will definitely purchase from this site again. They also had pretty fast standard shipping.

Tay 25th Oct 2020

seems real

So I have bought from them many times, I have a bottle of Visionary I bought from a salon, and then I bought this from here and they have the same scent and when I got them I compared them and they do smell the same. My bottle didn't come with a jewel in the center which is why I questioned the authenticity. I think it just fell off somehow because the lotion is the same smell as my Visionary and if it were fake lotion I don't think they would be able to replicate the "White sands scent" So I'm pretty sure its real. I also got a bottle of Stardom and it smells exactly as described on the website.

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