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Ed Hardy OBNOXIOUS Extreme Bronzing Tingle Formula - 10 oz.

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  • Mangosteen - Rich in antioxidants it helps to combat the aging process.
  • Tingle Formula - Proving immediate reddening and warming to the skin.
  • Vitamins C & E - Moisturizes and repairs dry and damaged skin
  • Mango Indulgence fragrance

You can't help how hot you are, so you can't be blamed when jealous people feel annoyed by the color of your gorgeous tan. The Ed Hardy OBNOXIOUS Extreme Bronzing Tingle Formula is just like you: perfect in every way, but too much for some people to handle. Designed for experienced tanners, this formula will help you get a dark, gorgeous tan and is perfect for overcoming tanning plateaus.

To deliver the darkest possible tan with every session, the bronzer contains an extreme tingle complex, which encourages oxygenation of the skin cells to boost the skin's natural ability to tan. This allows the immediate bronzers in the formula to work more effectively.

The Ed Hardy OBNOXIOUS Extreme Bronzing Tingle Formula contains natural hemp seed oil, which conditions the skin and treats it to a dose of essential fatty acids. Antioxidant-rich mangonsteen in the formula neutralizes reactive particles that lead to the development of signs of aging, while vitamins C and E brighten and soften the skin.


Reviews (11)

Janet Meetze 1st Jan 2022


I have been using this lotion for 4 years, it never let's me down!! The tingle is Suttle for me, it does the job though. It smells great, goes on well. I will keep purchasing it.

Halle 13th Dec 2021

Holy grail tingle

I keep coming back to this lotion because it's simply the best. I try to alternate between a tingle and 1 or 2 other lotions, but this really is the best one out there. Every time I use it I get the deeper color I'm looking for. I feel like I've tried a wide array of tingle lotions and this one definitely has on of the most intense tingles I've experienced--more than EH Double Shot, DS Bombshell, and several others that are normally top sellers. It is non-streaky for me and while the smell isn't anything great, I never expect a good scent from a tingle lotion. To this day I still haven't found a lotion I like more than this.

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