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Ed Hardy OBNOXIOUS Extreme Bronzing Tingle Formula - .7 oz. Packet

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  • Mangosteen - Rich in antioxidants it helps to combat the aging process.
  • Tingle Formula - Proving immediate reddening and warming to the skin.
  • Vitamins C & E - Moisturizes and repairs dry and damaged skin
  • Mango Indulgence fragrance

Be prepared for your friends to have a little tanning envy! You'll be so dark when you try the Ed Hardy OBNOXIOUS Extreme Bronzing Tingle Formula, people won't be able to help feeling a little jealous. The formula contains an extreme tingle complex to get your skin sizzling and drive extra oxygen to the tissue. When your skin cells are flooded with oxygen, they can manufacture melanin much faster and help you get darker during your session.

Natural hemp seed oil is also included in the formula to provide essential fatty acids that leave your color richer and longer-lasting.

The Ed Hardy OBNOXIOUS Extreme Bronzing Tingle Formula is designed to keep your skin obnoxiously healthy despite your gorgeous tan. Antioxidant-rich mangosteen and vitamins C and E are found in the formula to neutralize free radicals before they can produce wrinkles.

Get a packet of Ed Hardy OBNOXIOUS Extreme Bronzing Tingle Formula today, and don't worry about other people's envy. It's okay to be obnoxious, so long as it's obnoxiously tan.


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