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Fake Bake Sunless Lotion - 6 oz.

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A new attitude in self-tanning!
Fake Bake Sunless Tanning Lotion is a breakthrough in self-tanning guaranteed to satisfy even the palest skin tones! Fake Bake's exclusive formula works to enhance your own pigment without turning you orange. The rich cocoa brown color ensures a "streak free" application every time!
New European formula added - Now promises deeper darker longer lasting tan.
Fake Bake contains Erythrulose in combination with dihydroxy-acetone (DHA) producing a deep, uniform and natural tan.

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Fake Bake is known throughout the world as one of the leaders in sunless tanning, and you can find out why by applying their signature formula--the Fake Bake Sunless Lotion. This is the self-tanner that started it all, launching the Fake Bake collection because of its ability to darken the skin to a perfect shade without even a tinge of orange or a hint of streaks.

To deliver tanning results, the formula contains erythrulose and DHA, which work together to trigger a chemical reaction in the skin. When this reaction occurs, the protein cells in the skin tissue naturally change color, leaving you with a tan that doesn't require the sun.

The Fake Bake Sunless Lotion is a new and improved version of the classic bronzer that contains a European ingredient complex. This blend helps to extend the life of a sunless tan, so that you can reapply the lotion far less frequently. Vitamin D is included in the formula to nourish the skin.



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