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Most Products BLACK HEMP 12X Accelerator Tanning Lotion - 8.5 oz.

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Dryness is the enemy of a gorgeous tan. As skin becomes dehydrated, the cells shrivel, leading to an uneven texture and making the skin more susceptible to wrinkling. Creases, furrows and imperfections in the skin caused by dryness can lead to uneven tanning results. Plus, the drier skin becomes, the more prone it is to fading and peeling.

If you're prone to dry skin or have developed symptoms of dry skin due to frequent tanning, the Most Products BLACK HEMP 12X Accelerator Tanning Lotion can help you return your skin to ideal hydration levels while perfecting your color. The lotion is enriched with pure THC-free virgin hemp seed oil, which is an excellent moisturizer. Essential fatty acids in the oil help to restore the skin's moisture barrier, allowing the tissue to hold onto your tan between sessions.

The Most Products BLACK HEMP 12X Accelerator Tanning Lotion features a 12X bronzing blend to speed up darkening while in the tanning bed. Silicones are added to smooth the skin tissue and leave it feeling softer.


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Angela P 21st Jan 2020

Great lotion, better price

I love the thickness of this lotion. It does keep the skin moisturized all day.i tend to tan in the morning and then go to work after and my skin always feels moisturized all day. I have definitely seen more color since I’ve had it in my rotation.

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