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Most Products WILD CHERRY 44X Hot Tingle Bronzer - 8.5 oz.

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The Most Products WILD CHERRY 44X Hot Tingle Bronzer is just like you: a little spicy, a little sweet and completely original. This dark bronzing formula helps seasoned tanners go darker than they ever thought possible and is perfect for overcoming those dreaded tanning plateaus.

When you work the bronzer into your skin, the 44X hot tingle complex gets your skin tissue sizzling, causing your body to direct extra blood into the tissue. This blood provides a veritable tsunami of oxygen to the skin cells, priming them for UV exposure. Then, the dark bronzers in the lotion are able to accelerate melanin production more effectively, leading to dark, long-lasting results.

The Most Products WILD CHERRY 44X Hot Tingle Bronzer is enriched with natural cherry extract, which packs a potent punch of vitamins A, C and E. These antioxidants knock out the free radicals that can cause the skin to wrinkle and become discolored as a result of tanning. Hemp seed oil completes the formula and supplies vital moisture to the skin tissue.


Reviews (5)

Tina Saldana 12th Jan 2020

Cherry tingle

Not a big fan of the smell but gives very nice color!!!

Amy Koehler 17th Mar 2018


I've used this lotion 3 times and absolutely love it! Not too tingly, just right. Great color after tanning.

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