Norvell Blending/DHA Barrier Cream - 32 oz. (946 ml.)

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Norvell Pro-Blend DHA Barrier Cream 32 fl oz

Norvell DHA Blending / Barrier Cream can be used to minimize or completely block DHA absorption. Since all areas of your skin are not uniform and do not tan the same, applying Blending / Barrier Cream helps blend rough and dry areas such as your ahnds feet and belows. A more generous application will completely block DHA absorption from areas such as the palms of your hands, fingernails and toenails. The results will be a smooth, even, natural-looking tan.

For external use only. Avoid Contact with Eyes Warning: This product Does NOT contain sunscreen. This product Does NOT protect against sunburn.

To Minimize DHA Absorption:

Before you begin your salon or at-home tanning session, apply a light amount of Blending/Barrier Cream to minimize DHA absorption and create less color on the applied areas. Using a single application, massage Cream into the surface of your skin until completely absorbed.

Proceed with tanning as usual.

To Completely Block DHA Absorption:

Before you begin your tanning session, apply a generous amount of Blending/Barrier Cream to block DHA absorption and prevent color. Using multiple applications, massage Cream into a specific area until it leaves a light, tacky film on the surface of your skin.

Proceed with tanning as usual.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Norvell Pro-Blending ( DHA Barrier ) Cream prevents DHA bronzing sprays from over-darkening areas of the body that tend to take too much color resulting in an overall un-even tan. Used as directed, it helps produce a more even, natural looking bronze all over without over staining of susceptible areas by tanning solutions. Our barrier cream is unscented and suitable for all skin types.

SAY HELLO TO A PERFECT COLOR BLEND: Barrier Cream is a high-quality, pre-sunless tanning, skin moisturizer that helps prepare skin for a perfect color blend. Keep the bronzing spray effect more even and avoid over-tanning of any area in need of protection. An easy and effective preventative measure to help avoid tanning solution from penetrating the soles of your feet, palms, knees, elbows etc.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Apply liberally to knees, elbows, palms, soles, cuticles, knuckles and areas between fingers and toes, just before a spray tan session. Since the barrier cream prevents the treated areas from bronzing, make sure to blend smoothly and gradually outward from target areas into surrounding skin to allow for even color transition. Prepare for the perfect self tanning session or a better sunless tan at the tanning salon.

NORVELL PRODUCTS HAVE A SHORT SHELF-LIFE: Due to the high quality of ingredients that are used to manufacture Norvell products, the typical shelf-life is 5-6 months from the production date to the expiration date. Please note that the transit from the manufacturer to Amazon and to the final consumer should be accounted for when purchasing Norvell products.

Norvell - Rated #1 By Professional Spray Tan Artists

Norvell Sunless Tanning Brand Rated #1 Professional Sunless Tanning Brand by Professional Spray Tan Artists/Technicians October 2017 (Research conducted by Fieldwork/Webwork International Inc., a global leading market research company).
Norvell is the largest purchaser of DHA in the entire world. We are a “true manufacturer” of all the products, meaning we manufacture and control the production and formulation of our products from the beginning to the end. With a comprehensive selection of tested and proven products that provide the best results in the industry, Norvell offers premium solutions and supplies that build loyalty. 


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