Paasche D500 1/8 HP Airbrush Compressor

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Give yourself and your friends a professional airbrush tan at home with this affordable Paasche Compressor!

The D500 Airbrush Compressor from Paasche 1/8 H.P. piston compressor. The compressor is equipped with an auto shutoff switch which turns the compressor off when the airbrush is not being used. Will deliver up to 20-30 PSI depending on airbrush being used. 1/8 HP diaphragm compressor. Compressor has auto shutoff. 

To complete this system you will need to purchase the Airbrush Set.

[Note: This unit is for home airbrush tanning use.]

Included in the system is:

  • D500 1/8 HP Compressor - Small, lightweight and perfect for spraying your favorite tanning solution.
  • Noise level is 47 dbs
  • Delivers 20-30 PSI depending on airbrush. 
  • We cannot ship airbrush tanning units to International countries/locales.

Tired of heading to the salon every time you want to touch up your airbrush tan? With the Paasche D500 1/8 HP Airbrush Compressor, you can get those professional quality results without leaving home. This compressor is designed specifically for use at home and works with our airbrush sets to help you get a gorgeous glow without exposing your skin to the sun. Operating at just 47 decibels, this compressor won't fill your home with noise, and it's very compact and light in weight to ensure easy carrying and storage.

The Paasche D500 1/8 HP Airbrush Compressor is capable of pressure levels of 20 to 30 pounds per square inch and will deliver steady pressure due to its built-in regulator. The 1/8 horsepower diaphragm compressor has an auto shutoff that powers the system down when your airbrush is not in use, helping you to use less energy for your at-home airbrush treatments. Be sure to check out our airbrush sets, sold separately, to complete your system.


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