Supre CHERRY BOMB Hot Dark Tanning Accelerator - 8 oz.

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  • ColorBurst Complex helps accelerate and amplify the skins natural melanin production, taking your tan to its deepest level
  • Red-hot skin stimulators bring sweet heat for an instant tingling sensation
  • Cherry Extracts, blended with Vitamins A, C & E help restore skins natural vitality to appear firmer, smoother and more toned
  • Fragrance: Cherry Fever

You have your base tan even and flawless. Now, it's time to take it from gold to "cherry" dark with Supre CHERRY BOMB Hot Dark Tanning Accelerator. Designed for the advanced tanner, the formula causes an explosion of tingling on your skin, prompting blood to fill the tissue.

As your skin becomes flushed from increased blood flow, the skin cells receive an awakening flood of oxygen, helping them better respond to the Color Burst Complex in the formula and produce melanin as a result.

The Supre CHERRY BOMB Hot Dark Tanning Accelerator treats your senses to the sweet scent of cherries as you tan, thanks to natural extracts in its formula. These natural juices also deliver benefits to the skin in the form of antioxidant protection that limits the harmful effects of UV energy.

Vitamins A, C and E are also added to the bronzer to provide additional protection and nourishment for the skin tissue. These vitamins also leave the skin brighter, silkier and smoother.


Reviews (2)

Brook 2nd Aug 2016

Great Tingle Lotion!

I haven't tried that many tingle lotion's but the first time I tried this I loved it and I had to buy a bottle! You get a good tingle out of it but nothing too much to where you're uncomfortable are your skin hurts! It's the perfect tingle! It smells very cherry like and yummy! It goes on on medium consistency! I didn't find it super hydrating afterwords little ato. My skin felt warm for a couple hours after. Good color and I liked that I didn't have bronzer in it

Tay 11th Mar 2016

Love it.

I love it. Not the hottest tingle, which can be something to consider depending on how hot you like your tingle or not. I personally like a VERY hot tingle, but this tingle I can definitely still feel, even though it's not as hot as I personally would like, the color it gives is amazing. First time ordering from but I could not be happier with my order, & how quickly it got here, literally 2 days. I have since ordered again & without any doubts will be ordering here again.

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