Supre COCO NUTZ Dark Bronzer - .57 oz. Packet

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  • Paraben Free
  • Natural streak-free bronzers including Black Walnut and Kukui Nut allow skin to continue to darken after UV-exposure for a longer lasting, healthier looking tan.
  • ColorBurst Complex™ helps accelerates and amplifies the skin’s natural melanin production, taking your tan to its deepest level.
  • Skin Conditioners with Coconut oil hydrates skin for soft, smooth radiant finish.

Ready for dark color that you're sure to go nuts for? Tear open a packet of Supre COCO NUTZ Dark Bronzer and treat your skin to some delicious pampering while you tan. The Color Burst Complex in the formula sends a blast of ingredients into the skin tissue, stimulating the production of melanin once UV exposure begins. After you leave the tanning bed, black walnut and kukui oils darken your skin, taking it to a deeper tone without the use of DHA, which can cause streaks and lead to uneven results.

The Supre COCO NUTZ Dark Bronzer has a wonderful, tropical fragrance that comes from real coconut oil. This natural emollient not only smells exotic and sweet, but it also has amazing properties that help it improve the health of the skin. Thanks to the presence of the oil in its formula, the bronzer conditions the skin with every use, replenishing lost moisture and preventing your tan from fading quickly due to dryness.


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Amanda Vore 25th May 2016

worth the price

This is a must try. It doesn't leave you streaky and goes on smooth. I was hoping it would it would smell more like Coconut but it doesn't smell bad. I've just tried the sample packet but I would buy bottle. Its very light no after smell and nice product.

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