Supre COCO NUTZ Dark Bronzer - 8 oz.

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  • Paraben Free
  • Natural streak-free bronzers including Black Walnut and Kukui Nut allow skin to continue to darken after UV-exposure for a longer lasting, healthier looking tan.
  • ColorBurst Complex™ helps accelerates and amplifies the skin’s natural melanin production, taking your tan to its deepest level.
  • Skin Conditioners with Coconut oil hydrates skin for soft, smooth radiant finish.

It's easy to go a little nuts about the color of your tan. With all the time that you spend in the tanning bed, you naturally want gorgeous results that last. The Supre COCO NUTZ Dark Bronzer is the cure for tanning madness and will help you get the dark tan that's driving you a little bit batty. To darken your skin during your tanning session, the formula includes the ColorBurst Complex, a proprietary bronzing blend that stimulates the production of skin pigments.

A blend of kukui nut, black walnut and other natural bronzers are also included in the formula to enhance your color for hours after tanning. The after-tanning bronzing blend provides the darkest color possible without any unwanted streaks.

Each application of the Supre COCO NUTZ Dark Bronzer gives your skin a dose of moisture and nutrients that you're bound to go a little mad for. To deliver its conditioning benefits to the skin, the formula uses coconut oil and a blend of other natural ingredients.


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scott 5th Feb 2018


This lotion is great at making your skin look really tan and bronzed. I used another coconut one as well but I think this one has more of a "darker tan" look. Coconut smell is awesome, not too perfume like, but it does have a powerful coconut smell. I like it! It truly does give you a DARK TAN (bronzed look)

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