Supre HONEYDEW Hemp Dark Tanning Accelerator - .57 oz. Packet

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  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil (THC free) helps hydrate, nourish and provide excellent moisture and skin conditioning
  • ColorBurst Complex™ helps accelerate and amplify the skin’s natural melanin production, taking your tan to its deepest level
  • Vitamin-enriched Honey and Honey Dew Extracts helps provide delicious moisture that leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft
  • Fragrance: Honey Dew Drops

The Supre HONEYDEW Hemp Dark Tanning Accelerator is a definite tanning "do" for those who want to darken their base tans as quickly as possible. This handy .57-ounce packet makes it easy to try out the accelerator's tanning benefits for yourself before you say, "I do! " to a whole bottle!

You're sure to be impressed by the accelerator's ColorBurst Complex, a unique blend of ingredients that work with your skin's natural melanin production process. By providing raw materials that are essential for making pigment, the accelerator produces dark results without the need for cosmetic bronzers like DHA.

The Supre HONEYDEW Hemp Dark Tanning Accelerator is enriched with THC-free hemp seed oil. This natural emollient delivers essential fatty acids to the skin to keep it conditioned and nourished. Honey and Honeydew extracts are also included in the accelerator to hydrate the skin and supply it with essential vitamins. The formula has a luscious Honey Dew Drops fragrance that you'll find irresistible.


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Rachel 2nd Jul 2018

not silicone free per my previous review

my mistake, I thought this was silicone free, but it does contain dimehticone.

Rachel 29th Jun 2018


This is a pretty good silicone free accelerator lotion to have in your rotation. I find the smell to be spot on apple schnapps which is a little weird to rub all over your body. The smell does dry down to be a bit more of a fruity melon as opposed to an "alcoholic" one? I did see a bit of a color boost with this, but not enough to be bottle worthy. I did get some ATO and it wasn't as moisturizing as I would've liked. It's cheap enough that I can justify buying a packet or two to rotate with for variety.

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