Supre HONEYDEW Hemp Dark Tanning Maximizer - 8 oz.

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  • Natural Hemp Seed Oil (THC free) helps hydrate, nourish and provide excellent moisture and skin conditioning
  • ColorBurst Complex™ helps accelerate and amplify the skin’s natural melanin production, taking your tan to its deepest level
  • Vitamin-enriched Honey and Honey Dew Extracts helps provide delicious moisture that leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft
  • Fragrance: Honey Dew Drops

Honey, your base tan looks hot! Now, it's time to perfect your color for results that satisfy your darkest tanning desires. The Supre HONEYDEW Hemp Dark Tanning Maximizer is the ultimate formula to get you to that ultimate level of bronze and uses the power of natural extracts to darken your skin and improve its texture.

The Supre ColorBurst Complex is the heart of this sweet tanning treat. This blend of immediate bronzers enriches the skin with stimulants that encourage pigment production. By the end of your session, your skin will be much darker, thanks to a greater concentration of melanin in the tissue.

The Supre HONEYDEW Hemp Dark Tanning Maximizer contains real honey and honeydew extract, which provide the tissue with vitamins and soothe irritation. Natural THC-free hemp seed oil is also included in the formula to hydrate the skin tissue and fight peeling and flaking. The oil also helps the bronzing ingredients penetrate the skin more deeply, enhancing the effectiveness of the accelerator.


Reviews (3)

Holly 19th Jan 2017

i love this line

I feel like im crazy. This line is so cheap and for years ive loved this line. Even before I bought bottles and would buy packets st the salon.. Ive liked the lotions from this line. They're cheap. They smell great. And I get good results from them. This is my favorite maximizer I have actually. Smells great. Very moisturizing and keeps my tan going when I take a fee day break from cosmetic bronzers.

Susan 8th Nov 2014

Honey Dew Hemp

This lotion was quick to absorb and doesn't leave a sticky, greasy feeling. It smells amazing. I will definitely be ordering more of it.

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