Supre SNOOKI 70X DARK BLACK BRONZER - .57 oz. Packet

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Perfect for the Guido/Guidette tanner! Powerful bronzers provide deep, dark, dramatic color while advanced skin firmers leave your skin looking toned and tightened. Your skin will look and feel amazingly soft and smooth frm the added vitamins and skin conditioning extracts.

  • Paraben Free
  • Advanced Skin Firming blend helps to smooth and improve skin’s texture for a more toned and tightened appearance.
  • 70X Black Bronzing Blend of Black Walnut, Henna and DHA allows skin to continue to darken after UV exposure, for the deepest, darkest tan imaginable.
  • SoftChic™ skin moisturizers with Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil hydrate skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and sexy.
  • Vitamin enriched skin conditioner blend helps skin fight against environmental stress for a more radiant and healthier looking glow.

Snooki's tan is a part of her persona and sex appeal, so you wouldn't expect her to put her name on anything less than the best. Supre SNOOKI 70X DARK BLACK BRONZER is a truly luxurious formula created to Snooki's specifications to help Guidettes and Guidette-wannabes everywhere get the ultra dark tanning results they demand. In addition to its UV-stimulated immediate bronzers, the formula contains a 70X Black Bronzing Blend of DHA, henna and walnut extract, which help increase the depth of color for hours after tanning. The blend makes the bronzer 70 times more effective than ordinary bronzers.

The Supre SNOOKI 70X DARK BLACK BRONZER contains a blend of ingredients designed to keep your skin looking great for when you hit the Jersey Shore, the club or your local pool. An Advanced Skin Firming blend tightens loose skin tissue and reduces the appearance of sagging and signs of aging, while SoftChic skin moisturizers like sweet almond oil and coconut oil keep the silk feeling soft and sensuously silky.


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11th Apr 2016

Smells amazing!

Loved this lotion! Made my skin so soft and cant get enough of the scent!

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