Ultimate BRONZING BOURBON Black Bronzer - 11 oz.

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Special Reserve 151 Proof Bronzers allows your natural color to deepen and darken. 

  • A mash of Black and DHA bronzers for an extreme dark long lasting tan.
  • White Lightening Complex: A combination of herbal extracts for softening and revitalizing skin's youthful appearance.
  • Unipertan: Accelerate your tan for fast instant color gratificaton.

Beautiful, tanned skin that's free of skin discoloration and signs of UV damage? We'll drink to that! Pour yourself a shot of Ultimate BRONZING BOURBON Black Bronzer and prepare to be bronzed! This unique tanning formula helps to get your skin the deep, golden color of your favorite vintage spirit and provides coloration that lasts for days. The bronzer uses proprietary Unipertan to accelerate the production of melanin, leaving your skin darker when your session ends. Black cosmetic bronzers and DHA then enhance the color until it's the perfect shade of bronze.

The Ultimate BRONZING BOURBON Black Bronzer will make you the toast of the town, or at the very least of the party. The formula is designed to correct skin imperfections, including signs of aging and skin discoloration. The White Lightening Complex included in the formula targets areas plagued by UV damage and uses a blend of natural extracts to encourage healing and cellular rejuvenation, making the imperfections far less evident and your skin brighter from head to toe.


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