Versaspa Sunless Spray Tan Booth (refurbished)

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Price: $11,900.00 with Free Delivery (Please call to order at 1-877-538-7826)

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The price for a refurbished VersaSpa, delivered, installed, 90 Day Warranty with a Product and Marketing package is $11,900.00

If you are out west, there will be a $1,000 surcharge for installation. Please call for more info:  1-877-538-7826 (Eric)

Included with the package:

  •  1.4 Gallon Moisturizer Solution or Clear Bronze
  •  1-1.4 Gallon Dark Solution
  •  1-1.4 Gallon Prep/Primer Solution
  •  1 Marketing Poster
  •  1 Position Poster
  •  100 Pack of Nose Plugs
  •  100 Pair Sticky Feet
  •  100 Hair Caps
  •  1 34 oz Bottle of Barrier Cream
  •  Calibration Scale
  •  T-Max in room Controller
  •  50 Brochures
  •  50 Client Waiver Forms
  •  Owner’s Manual
  •  Employee Training Manual
  •  DVD
  •  90 Day Parts & 30 Days Labor Warranty
  •  Free Shipping
  •  Free Installation
  •  Free Training

Many of our competitor’s claim they refurbish VersaSpa’s, but do they upgrade the software to the latest version? And completely disassemble each unit in order to re-repowdercoat the entire machine and refinish the Floor? Then spend over $2,500 in new Electrical and Mechanical components to ensure it performs just like new and back it by a 30 Day Labor and 90 Day Parts Warranty? To really appreciate our refurbishing process and to see exactly what separates us from the competition see images and description below. The last picture is exactly what your VersaSpa will look like.

What does refurbishing consist of? First the complete unit it is total stripped down and re-Powder Coated.



Spray & Fan Columns

The Fiberglass Floor is wet-sanded, polished and a brand new Non-Skid surface is applied.


Versa Floor

Both Plastic booth Panels are replaced and include new Graphics.


Versa Doors and Frames

Mechanically, the main component “Slide Rail” is rebuilt with new Bearings, Clutch and Brake. (This component alone cost $2683.27 to purchase not including the labor to send a Versa Technician to replace)


Slide Rail


Slide Rail


Electrically the machine will have a new Main Board, Heater, Display Board and T-Max.






We replace the three Solution Pumps as well as the three Gauges.



Also, a new Turbine motor is installed so the machine will spray like new and will not leave spots or streaks on your customers.




And we go a step further and replace the Motor Bearings in the Exhaust Fan.



Exhaust Fan


Sump Pump


Check Valve

Sump Pump and Check Valve are also replaced with brand new ones.


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Additional Info

Versaspa Sunless Spray Tan Booth